Chapter Directory

Below is our list of current active chapters. Click on the links to email that chapter. If you are interested in starting a new chapter, please contact Jean Cox.

2 Buffalo Catholic Deaf Society, Buffalo, NY
3 Paterson, NJ
4 Detroit Catholic Deaf Community, Detroit, MI (Reactivated, September 2017)
5 Boston, MA
6 St. Louis Catholic Deaf Society, St. Louis, MO
7 Ephpheta Sodality of St. John the Baptist, Milwaukee, WI
8 Philadelphia Deaf Apostolate, Philadelphia, PA
9 St. Gerard Deaf Community-Blessed Francis X, New Orleans, LA
10 Chicago Catholic Ephpheta, Chicago, IL
11 New York City, NY
12 St. Francis DeSales, Rochester, NY
13 Trenton, NJ
14 Louisville Catholic Deaf Society, Louisville, KY
15 Brooklyn, NY
17 Los Angeles, CA
18 Cleveland Catholic Deaf Center, Cleveland, OH
19 Catholic Charities’ Ministry with the Deaf, Jersey City, NJ
20 Cincinnati, OH
21 St. Frances de Sales, Baton Rouge, LA
22 Oakland, CA
23 Sandusky, OH
24 Toledo, OH
25 Syracuse Catholic Deaf Association, Syracuse, NY
26 Baltimore, MD
27 Dayton, OH
29 St. Francis of Assisi Deaf Catholic Church, Washington, DC
30 St. Francis Catholic Club of the Deaf, Hartford, CT
33 Waterbury Catholic Deaf Club, Waterbury, CT
34 New Haven Catholic Deaf Club, New Haven, CT
35 Morris County, NJ
37 Colorado Catholic Chapter of the Deaf, Denver, CO
38 Indianapolis, IN
39 San Antonio, TX
40 Northeastern, PA
41 Ephpheta Society of the Deaf, Kansas, KS
42 Altonna-Johnstown, PA
43 Youngstown, OH
44 Akron, OH
45 Portland, OR
46 Joliet, IL
47 Davenport, IA
48 York, PA
50 St. Francis De Sales Catholic Deaf Club, Bridgeport, CT
51 Dallas, TX
53 Union County, NJ
54 Bergen County, NJ,
55 Newark, NJ
57 R.I. Catholic Deaf Community Center, Providence, RI
59 Gallaudet University, Washington District of Columbia
60 New Brunswick, NJ
62 Seattle, WA
63 Catholic Deaf Community, St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN
64 Decatur, IL
66 Pittsburgh, PA
67 Binghamton, St. James Church, Binghamton, NY
70 Columbus, OH
71 Mother of Perpetual Help Church of the Deaf, Omaha, NE
72 Yakima, WA
73 Gary, IN
74 Great Falls, MT
75 Albany, NY
76 Salt Lake City, UT
77 San Francisco, CA
79 Miami, FL
80 Staten Island, NY,
83 Flint Catholic Deaf Group, Flint, MI
84 Grant Rapids, MI
85 Long Island, NY
86 Kansas City, MO
87 Houston, TX
88 Manchester, NH
89 Portland, ME
90 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
91 Fall River, MA
92 Lafayette, LA
93 Brentwood, NY
94 Lake Charles, LA
96 Erie, PA
99 Hudson Valley, NY
100 Phoenix, AZ
102 St. Francis DeSales Church, Utica — Rome, NY
103 Des Moines, IA
104 Austin, TX
105 Richmond, VA
106 Rockford Diocese Catholic Deaf Community, Rockford, IL
107 Green Bay, WI
110 Tidewater, VA
111 Burlington, VT
112 Catholic Deaf, Saginaw, MI
113 Madison, WI
114 Sioux Falls, SD
115 Arlington, VA
116 Stauton, VA
117 Norwich, CT
118 Bennington, VT
119 Allentown, PA
120 Peoria, IL
121 Children of God, Springfield, MA
122 Corpus Christi, TX
124 Seven Hills Center, Worcester, MA
125 San Diego, CA
126 Evansville, IN
127 South Suburban Catholic Ephpheta, Hazelcrest, IL
128 Albuquerque, NM
129 Catholic Deaf Community, Orange County, CA
130 Mother of God Deaf Community, Covington, KY
138 Ministry with Deaf of South Jersey, Camden NJ