St. Francis DeSales’

Feast Day: January 24

St. Francis DeSales and Martin

Today, we celebrate the life of

St. Francis DeSales!  Martin was his housekeeper/gardener. 

Martin was Deaf and started to learn about God through St. Francis.  To learn more about St. Francis, you can see Fr. Mike Depcik’s vlog about St. Francis DeSales.  

Please pray for many Deaf people who do not know God or know God’s Love.

Please download St. Francis DeSales to share with your family and friends

St Francis DeSales prayer

The stained glass picture shown, can be seen at Center of Deaf Ministry, Landover Hills, MD.

Happy New Year 2017!

We had a great 2016!  We hosted the Midwest Regional Conference in Chicago in April. We hosted the Northeast Regional Weekend in Cherry Hill, NJ in August. ICDA-Canada also hosted their Conference in August.  There will be pictures in our “Happy New Year Vlog” showing you all three conferences and exciting celebrations of our Catholic Faith.

For the upcoming ICDA-US Conference in St. Louis, MO

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For the Year 2016…

Fr. Rene Roberts


Fran Preston

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